In 2012, Kylie started creating her own natural skincare products. At first to solve her own complex skin problems which began in her late teens and then to help her clients who she noticed more and more were suffering from similar skin conditions quite often caused or aggravated by the products that they were using.

In her early forties, Kylie was still suffering from chronic acne rosacea on her face and various other skin reactions including allergies, dermatitis and eczema despite a long career starting at the age of 14 working in the beauty then health and medical industries. Having had access to almost every skin product including prescription, medical grade skincare, advanced technological skin treatments, medication and advice from top plastic surgeons, dermatologists in Australia and Europe, aestheticians and wholistic health practitioners, she continued to be plagued by constant painful, burning, unsightly skin eruptions and redness resulting in severe scarring and broken capillaries.

At an age where she really wanted to be focused on age management, she was unable to as she reacted to almost everything recommended or prescribed to her for the acne and redness. Medication offered only temporary benefits and the side effects had become intolerable leaving her with severe long term side effects. Desperation led her to start the long journey of developing her own products and becoming a qualified natural cosmetic formulator. While she started with only natural products as they had initially the most promising results, she quickly learnt that even some natural products contained irritants that a super sensitive skin could react to. So, over the years, by using a long process of elimination, experimentation on herself and then by using her very willing clients as case studies, she created a high-performance natural skin care range for even the most sensitive of skin which simultaneously focuses on age management.

Today, Kylie Kindred’s glow-inducing skin care delivers immediate and ongoing results, helping to soothe, calm, clear and even brighten the skin tone as well as target fine lines and wrinkles – leaving skin smooth, even and luminous. Kylie Kindred’s Natural Skin Care is safe enough for sensitive clients and powerful enough for those of us seeing the effects time and environmental factors.

The unique uncomplicated formulas smell light and clean as they are formulated using the purest botanical extracts. The subtle natural aromas and delicate textures make them irresistible to touch and smell. A delight for your senses.

Kylie has created a clean, Australian made, cruelty free vegan skincare range which only uses natural ingredients listed as approved by the strict Cosmos Natural Ingredient International Standard.